Power Up Your Home Properly

Power Up Your Home Properly

Hire our handyman to install or upgrade your electrical equipment

Are you dealing with flickering kitchen lights? Maybe you have tangles of extension cords and not enough outlets. K&C Handyman Services, LLC can help. We offer a variety of handyman electrical services for local homeowners.

You can count on us to install:

  • Outlets, to help you get rid of all extension cords
  • Light fixtures, to illuminate additional areas of your room
  • Switches, to replace faulty ones
  • Fans, to circulate air throughout your rooms
Plus, we can install all the wiring to make sure your new additions work efficiently. Reach out to our handyman today to discuss electrical updates for your house.

Why choose K&C Handyman Services?

K&C Handyman Services, LLC brings more than 21 years of experience to the table, so you can leave any job to us confidently. We're proud perfectionists who attend to every detail, which is crucial when we work with electrical wiring. Plus, we price our services fairly. Call 970-658-0742 right away for a free estimate on electrical services.